About QuoteSpot

Quotespot.co.uk is a unique insurance comparison website for Northern Ireland residents that lets you compare your renewal premium to competitive online quotes from our featured advertisers for a range of personal insurance products.

Are there any charges for using the QuoteSpot.co.uk service?

NO. This service is completely free to use for both private and business customers. You are not under obligation to take up insurance with any of the companies that quote for you.

How does QuoteSpot earn it's money?

QuoteSpot.co.uk charge direct advertising fees, lead charges and / or sales commission to the insurance brokers and companies who advertise with us.

Legal Status

Quotespot.co.uk is an insurance advertising website and not an insurance broker or insurance company. All insurance brokers and companies featured on this website are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. QuoteSpot act as "introducers" to these regulated companies.

See our full terms, conditions and disclaimer here.


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