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The Online Insurance Market in Northern Ireland

The term "car insurance northern ireland" was searched for approximately 6000 times in the month of February 2008 across the major search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. Considering this is just one on the many search phrases used by those seeking their car insurance online in Northern Ireland and add in searches for home insurance, vans, motorcycles, taxis and business insurance, its easy to see that there is a large online insurance market in Northern Ireland. The scale of this marketplace is set to grow!

As a Broker you need to be in the online marketplace!

But I already have a website, what more do I need?

Your company may have a well designed and appealing website but that does not mean you have an "online presence" i.e. your website needs to be found in the search engine rankings to deliver customers to your company.

This is where QuoteSpot.co.uk comes in!

QuoteSpot is locally owned and operated by a company with vast experience and a proven track record in using the techniques of Search Engine Optomisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to generate targeted internet traffic. We have the knowledge and experience to give your Insurance Brokerage a true online presence in a cost effective manner!

Challenge us to show you how!

The benefits of teaming with QuoteSpot!

Access to an ever increasing online market-place for Insurance

     in Northern Ireland.

An Online Presence for your company without the hassle and

     expense of Search Engine Marketing.

Easy Set Up! We do the lot. Your company can be advertised on  QuoteSpot within 24 hours!


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Mobile : 0790 555 6173

Evenings: (028) 9181 3814

E mail : help @ quotespot.co.uk (no spaces)


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